A new Pattern! And it's FREE!

Hello hello!
It's been a while since I've 
A) had a functioning computer and
B) had the time to sit at it! 

Sorry it's been so long between posts - it has been a busy few months. (I started homeschooling my son back in July & then my computer stopped working & a few health things & ladeda life!) 

But I did finally finish something I started LAST December! 
Let's hear it for not quite taking a full year to write a super simple, absolutely fun pattern 😁

I'm pleased to announce that my newest pattern, Pixel Pokeball, is out in the world.  

It is free for my newsletter subscribers, so if you want a copy, hop over here to sign up!!! You'll be emailed one right away!

The pattern comes with instructions to make the quilt top & has the yardage requirements for two sizes - but pixel quilts are amazingly easy to resize. 
Just cut your squares a different size & you've got a different sized quilt!  

I've made three so far & want to make a scrappy one so bad. 

The tracking sheet I offered for newsletter subscribers before has been moved to the brand new Freebie section of my website - and if you haven't already gotten a copy, snag yours now!

Peek on below for my tester versions (and click on the picture to be taken to more of their work!) 

This adorable mini version by Natalie is too cute! And see - easy to resize!

Lani made this darling scrappy version which has just fueled my need to make a scrappy one!

Amanda made this super sweet floral & all soft version (Love Ball) 

Here's another mini version (1 1/2" pieces!!) by Sierra!

I made a Premier Ball - please ignore the Monster Knees & Grinch Pants. We keep it casual at our house 😉


And of course, here's my solid version of the top.  I have had the hardest time finding fabric for the back, but I'm crossing my fingers that it'll arrive before Christmas, since this is supposed to be my husband's present.
(He doesn't read my blog, so it's safe to say it here 😉)

 I'm really happy with how quickly these come together - I've got another version of it up on my Instagram page.  
The Pokeballs come in all different colours & I've included some images of other ones in the pattern, just in case you'd like to make something other than the basic ball.

Happy creating!!

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  • Those monster knees are too funny!! Where can I get a pair?! But seriously, this is a fun pattern and while I’ve never tried a pixel pattern, my son would LOOOOOOOOVE to have one of these. Signing up now, thanks!!!!

    Rachel Small

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