Long Arm Quilting

I'd love to quilt for you! 

My machine is a computerized Q'nique 19 with a queen size frame, meaning I can put up to 84" of fabric on it.
Since backings need to be 4" larger on each side, the largest quilt top I can accommodate is 76" wide.

Start with choosing a pantograph - if you're unsure or want help picking, I'm always happy to make suggestions. 
Fill out this form - expect a return email with an estimate within two business days. 
Prepare your quilt (see below) and send it over! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

  • Edge-to-edge quilting is $.02 per square inch.
  • For example, for a quilt top that measures 50" x 60" will be $60 plus sales tax (3000x.02 = 60). 
  • The customer is responsible for shipping costs.
  • There is an additional charge for high density quilting, up to an additional $.01 per square inch, based on the design.
  • There is batting available for purchase.
  • I will send an estimate with cost. Price, colour, and pantone will be agreed upon before work begins.
  • USPS is typically used for return shipping as it is the most cost effective.
  • Shipping Insurance will be included based on the cost you provide on the intake form.

How long will it take?

  • Current turn-around time is one week from the date your quilt arrives, as long as all necessary information has been discussed for quilting. 

How do I prepare my quilt?

  • Press all seams flat
  • Trim excess threads  
  • Repair any holes (seams, fabric, or blocks)
  • Remove all pins from the fabric (exception being a note pinned for top on directional quilts/backings)
  • Press backing flat
  • Be sure that backing and batting are at least 4" larger than the quilt top on each side!
  • Send all layers separately
  • Place your quilt into a waterproof bag before shipping!
  • You may also have your batting or backing shipped directly to me from the store if that is more convenient for you