A New Pattern! "Plump of Geese"

I've always liked flying geese patterns, but I sometimes struggle with getting them the correct size.  I recently made one following a chart I found online & they were.... not right, to say the least.  I was rather upset, so I decided I'd just do the math myself & write up a pattern from that. 
(I still finished the top, even though my geese are wildly trimmed and slightly uneven.  I will find a home for it, since it's still pretty. Just not what I wanted.)

So, my new pattern, "Plump of Geese" includes wiggle room!  If you've never tried the four-at-a-time method before, this is a great pattern to start with!  

The name comes because "the collective noun for a group of geese on the ground is a gaggle; when in flight, they are called a skein, a team, or a wedge; when flying close together, they are called a plump." These are close together....and a little chubby 😉

This skill building pattern was written with scraps in mind, but if you don't have many handy, it also is suitable for charm packs, layer cakes, fat eighths and/or yardage! 

The cover quilt uses a fat eighth bundle for the geese & scraps for the background.

I had a lovely group of testers - please click on any image to be taken to see more information!

Samantha used a fat quarter bundle for the geese and yardage for the background & border.  

Tina used Art Gallery Fabric for her baby quilt! 

I couldn't resist making one of my mock ups.  It's all Cotton + Steel, with Ruby Star Society on the back! 

RobinSue used 100% scraps for her top!  I love the super scrappy border.

I made three total & have a fourth in the works. I just can't help it.
This one is all scraps, as well!  The geese use larger cuts of fabric, but luckily (?) I have an extremely large low volume scrap bucket. 

Jackie used a fat quarter bundle & yardage - she also added some extra yardage to make the diamond blocks pop!  Golden Hour is such a lovely line & the quilting is divine on her throw.

Angie used a fat quarter bundle & yardage, but switched up a few of her blocks (background vs geese) and the result it so intriguing! 

My cover version used a fat eighth bundle of V&Co's Ombre Fairy Dust, while the background has over 60 different low volume scraps.  I wasn't kidding about that big bucket 😉

Jen left off the outer border, since the bed size is big enough for a twin with extra overhang without it - and a full size with it!  All those lovely blue scraps are Amy Butler! 

Audrey knocked it out of the park with her bed size!  Yardage for the geese & all scraps for the background.

I love how just changing the fabric can swap the pattern around to look so incredibly different!! 
A huge thank you again to all my wonderful testers.  

You can grab the pattern from my shop if you'd like to make your own!!
And don't forget to share it on Instagram so I can see it, too!


  • I have never tried the four at a time geese before but these are pretty and I hope that it works better than the way I’ve been making them so far. I don’t like how much waste there is, but I heard yours does not have any!!

  • Oh my!! These are all so incredible! I keep wanting to start a quilt but it always seems like a lot of work. But they are all so different and I think I’m inspired to finally start!!!!! Kailey 💖

    Kailey H

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