Announcement!!! Long Arming!

I'm delighted to announce that I am now offering long arming services! 

I have a whole page with info and a form to fill out, but the short of it is, I'm happy with Leonard 2, proud of what I've accomplished and would love to extend my talents to others! 

There's also a fun thing I've been doing with friends that I like to call "whimsy quilting" where you send me the quilt, a keyword, and I pull a handful of pantones and colours based on that vibe. You can choose to be completely surprised or to pick from the options! 
I tweak the pantone (if required - sometimes it's shrinking, rotating, realigning, or duplicating) and stitch it out, then send your quilt back! 

I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I absolutely love picking designs and colours, so for a limited time, I'll be offering this service at a discount! 


Long arming is currently priced at 2 cents per square inch (although the more thread heavy/dense the designs are 3 cents) 
I do have warm & white batting available for 28 c/in

Whimsy Quilting will be on sale for 1.2 cents per inch for the first 50 quilts sent in for it (limit 3 per person). 

If you'd like to see videos of Leonard stitching out designs, I've been uploading those to Instagram under the #Leonard2Quilting tag (as well as a few finished quilts!)

Here's some eye candy from recent finishes -

heart clam
heart clam
winding lemon
bubble glitter
midnight sparkle
Valentine's Grid
wall sparkle
diagonal plaid
diagonal plaid
pearly weave
pearly weave
ikat 4
ikat 4
onion skin
onion skin
rainbow hearts
Mike's Swoosh
dewdrops in the garden
wandering arrow
baptist sunrise
moon phases
simply sunflower
star strings (loaded sideways)
very berry


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