Another New Pattern - Simple Wings!

I am excited to share this one - it's been in the works for quite a while now!! 

I have a two photographer friends (they take our family photos every year & one of them took our wedding photos eight years ago!) and they are both having babies soon! 
Between the idea of them & all the cutest newborn photos ever & my son who makes "snow angels" on every quilt I've ever put on the ground, I decided I needed to design a pair of wings.

So, after a few doodles, a few different versions, lots of feedback from my best friend, I finally had something I was happy with!

I also decided that it should be as simple as possible - both for constructing & resizing.  So it is set up as a pixel pattern, which I'm seriously enamored with right now! 

The directions are set for two sizes, but simply cut your squares (and HST) bigger or smaller & you'll end up with a different size quilt! 

I really like the way the Grunge ended up - this is the Toddler size, with a 4 1/2 year old for scale :)

I also made a smaller size with blue Grunge that will be better for babies (maybe not newborns, but it would be cute to use it as a monthly marker & show off how big they're getting!) 

As well as yardage, I dug around my buckets & used scraps - but you could easily cut up Fat Quarters or use Charm packs for it.

(Quilted by Hailey of @sewmanyboys)

I also had some awesome testers help out with this one - Tracy's daughter used yardage & Kathy used scraps!

It fits kitties pretty well, too ;)

Look at all that goodness!! I just adore scrappy quilts. 

You can pick up your copy of it here - and if you make one, please share it with me!! I love seeing different versions the patterns I write.

x Stephanie 


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