Aurifil Challenge - July

I am one of the Aurifil Artisans this year & each month brings a new challenge - July is an "on the go" project!

I don't typically do projects outside of my sewing room so after a bit of dawdling I finally decided I could maybe try some English Paper Piecing.

I've never done any EPP before, so I reached out to my good friend Laurel who designs amazingly adorable patterns to ask for some help!

She sent over a few videos & lots of encouragement & I started one of her designs..... but my son got excited, nabbed it while I wasn't looking, put it somewhere special, and now we can't find it.
And my printer broke.  So I switched to hexies instead for now 😄

I worked on basting hexies during a little picnic & while waiting in line for pickup (summer school) 

Then I put together a little kit that could fit in my purse & took that with me to all his summer activities!
I've got some super cute snips, a needle minder & needle, and 50wt Aurifil 2021.  The container is just a 5x7 photo storage box that I scrounged up from the basement!

It's not very big, but after two weeks of work the panel is done!
Asheron realized that while he has 6 quilts (because he's six) Fuzzy Racoon has none.  So he asked if I would turn the hexies into a quilt or sleeping bag for Fuzzy! 

Next up is figuring out how to take out the papers, then turning this cute little hand pieced project into something finished 💖


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