Aurifil Challenge - June

I was so pleased to have been chosen as an Aurifil Artisan this year! 
My first project as one is complete & I can't wait to show it off (some more - you've already seen the quilt top!).

Each month will bring a new challenge - June was to use threads from our welcome kit to make anything.  I just so happened to have a lovely purple 40w thread in mine, so I decided to make an all purple quilt.

I already had the Starry Mountain pattern in the works but didn't have a cover quilt I loved yet, so I decided to use the purple thread to make an all purple quilt. 
Purple is such a fun colour & I haven't seen many purple quilts on Instagram lately....

And if you've been following me for any length of time you know my love of scraps.
This one was a bit of a challenge to translate into a single colour scrap quilt (I made a three colour version with no trouble!) but since I needed to keep each section of each block visible & extremely different from the next, I had to really dig to find scraps big enough for each part.

Luckily I had just made another mostly purple quilt, so I had some fat eighths & larger cuts left over from that one.
Plus I joined a bee two years ago & bought some purple for a bee mate's block (and then hid it in the back of a cupboard for some reason) so I pulled that out & added it to the scrap bucket as well.

The backgrounds were really the only thing I was worried about and I only needed (5) biggish cuts, so it with some digging - okay, cleaning - it was an easy fix.  I did give up & use a solid for the center star background!
My scraps are typically small.

I also keep the cut offs from my backings in a separate spot - and quite a few of the border pieces came from that.


I pieced this with Aurifil's 40w 2545.  It's a gorgeous cool purple!
I used 50w 4030 when attaching my binding - it's a much warmer & slightly softer purple and matched the stripes I chose really well.

Next month will be an interesting one & I'm excited to broaden my horizons!


  • I just love how that one strip of purple in the small sashing looks like scallops. A cute quilt. I’m sure she will love it.

    Tracy Baird
  • I just love this. I don’t see many purple quilts and you just made TWO. How fun that you made it into the Aritisan program!! Congratulations.

    Hailey Morran

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