Boxed Pattern!

Boxed is a fun new pattern designed to help use scraps featuring charm squares! 

I love combining multiple cuts together, so this pattern includes three ways to make the quilt - a gradient layout, an ombre layout, and something I'm calling "Oops! All Scraps!". 

Since there are three ways to make it, I left it only one size.  It's easy to resize if you need to - simply by adding a few more rows or columns.  

Charm Squares, Fat Eighths, Layer Cakes or yardage can be used for the background.
Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, Charm Squares, scraps or yardage work for the sashing.
Mini Charms, scraps or Charms work for the cornerstones.  
Switch it up & see what you can make!


This blue one was the first I made, since my blue box is OVERFLOWING. 
All the blue & black are scraps, while the grey linen is yardage from my stash. 

The ombre sunset version I made also has matching ombre thread - I used five different threads in rows, just like the fabric, to create a sunset effect.

Oops! All Scrap! is literally all scrap - the backing came from my stash, but all the low volumes are from the LV bucket & all the rainbow cuts are from either friends or my scrap storage system. 

As you can see, you can switch up any (and every!) part of this quilt and come up with many different looks!

I can't wait to see what you make with it - click here for your copy!


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  • I love that rainbow version. I would like to buy it as I can no longer quilt for myself. Please reach out with details.

    Helen Mass

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