Corner Stars Swap - Low Volume

There's been a few emails asking for more clarification about the low volumes we're using for this swap, so I've made up two Pinterest boards - you'll be able to view them even if you don't have an account there - one for the background fabric & one for the fussy cut center squares

There are well over 200 fabrics, with links if you fall hard for any of them, between the two. 
You can absolutely use fabrics that aren't on the boards either - but make sure they are actual low volume please! 

Still not entirely sure what "low volume" means for this one? 
Step back & squint at your fabric.
Does it look white?  Then you're good! 
A little colour in the background fabrics is okay. 
Black is notBright is not.  

Since side swaps are allowed, if you prefer to only use loud fabrics or background prints with black in them, please reach out to others in the swap using the #CornerStarsSwap hashtag on Instagram.
You are welcome to set up exchanges with each other! 
But the blocks that come to me need to be on the quiet (white) side of the low volumes.

I'm happy to look at any fabrics you have questions on - so keep those emails & messages on Instagram coming my way!!
But I hope having a variety of prints to look at will help narrow down what to use, as well.

This time around quiet won, but the next swap might be different! 😊

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