December Stats!

I got suuuuuper sick this month (hello flu, bronchitis AND sinus infection!) plus it's winter break for the Child, so three straight weeks of walking past my sewing room longingly added up. 

I did get some stuff done (most of it in five minute increments, and none of it between Dec 10 and 23rd)

Quilts Started - 0
Quilt Tops Made - 0
Quilts Quilted - 2 (neither of them were mine!)
Bound & Photographed - 2 (again, customer quilts)
Total Finishes for the Year - 30
Total Customer Quilts this Year - 6!

Patterns Released - Guardian 

You can get a copy of the tracker for free by clicking here

I started the Christmas Scrappy version of my Guardian quilt on Nov 20th.  I got it mocked up & pulled out the scrap buckets I'd need then, but another week break put the pause on it.  I cut everything in ten minute intervals between Dec 8th and 10th, then got knocked out for three weeks.  
I finally finished piecing the blocks yesterday and they're on the wall in the final layout, but I doubt I'll manage to piece the top before midnight. 

I'm trying to remind myself it's fine to slow down and to rest as needed.  Breaks are important!  
This is definitely my least productive year (I made 52 quilts last year) but I am very happy with the quilts I made this year.

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