Exciting News for 2022!

I am excited to be offering "Builder Bundles" this year!  🥳

If you're following me on Instagram or getting my newsletters you already know I'm extremely fond of scrap quilts. 
But it can be hard to build up your stash (regular or scrap!) and sometimes you just need a little cut of something - so I will be curating Builder Bundles 4 times a year! 

These will be offered in both Fat Quarter & Fat Eighth cuts and contain a variety of prints in one colour.

I am planning to offer small, medium and large bundles as well, ranging from 9 to 30 cuts.
Each bundle will be slightly different, which makes it even more fun! 

This idea came after I posted two scrap quilts in a row & offered up my extra fabric from one of them as bundles.
All 7 bundles I had curated sold out within 72 hours, and when I posted another set from the second scrap quilt, they sold almost as quickly! 

There are still a few of the fall bundles left - when I asked around it seemed most people were more interested in having the fabrics be from one colour family instead of a variety. 

You can sign up to be notified of when each set of bundles will be coming out by clicking here

Keep scrolling to see the black bundles (all sold!) and a few of the fall ones, as well.  Those that haven't sold yet will have a link under them to take you to their page. 

(this one is fat eighths & had a few more prints than the fat quarter one above)

Orange Fat Quarter Bundles - 2 different bundles left with 12 cuts each

Fall Fat Quarter - 14 cuts

Fall Fat Eighth - 24 cuts

Fall Fat Eighth - 20 cuts

Fall Fat Eighth - 24 cuts

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