Hourglass Block Swap!

Welcome to the Hourglass Block Swap!

Early this year we voted to make rainbow & low volume hourglass blocks.

Each block will be made up of (4) different bright fabrics and (4) low volumes. 

In this swap we will be using white, cream, and ivory based fabrics for our low volumes.  Some colour and some black is okay, but the majority of the fabrics need to be LV. 

As far as the bright fabric is concerned — use any ROY G BIV, pink, rainbow, or teal.  As long as it is cheerful & bright it should be okay.  

Please make as many blocks as you’d like to receive.  They are 10 1/2” blocks.

The swap fee is $14 per person, unless you are outside the US or make so many that you need to ship them in a box. In both those cases the fee will be the cost of shipping.

An email will go out the at the end of week (and halfway through just in case we picked up some stragglers!) with the block instructions, my shipping address, and a more comprehensive explanation of fabrics & expectations.

You can sign up here


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