Hundred Acre Scrap Finish

September 17th is my anniversary (10 years this time!) and National Sew A Jelly Roll Day.

Naturally I did not do much sewing, but I did pull out a jelly roll & some yardage and make a plan.

I decided to make my Hundred Acre Scrap quilt and some Ruby Star Society fabric that gave me fall vibes.

My mockup, using Camellia & Spark

And my finished quilt, 

I didn't want to just scrap those lovely teacups & butterflies (don't get me wrong, they'd get used for eventually) so I added two extra borders, making the quilt a rectangle instead of the square the pattern calls for.

Because I felt like I was on a time crunch, I seriously considered NOT snowballing the corners. But after staring at the blocks without them, I decided I really do like them and used some cut offs from earlier in the blocks construction to whip them up quick.

The backing is by the same designer but a different line, so it matches really well!  It is called Elixir Libations and is a bunch of cute little drinks on teal.

I used teal thread and put an "oversized" Marmalade on it.  The pantone is suggested to stitch at 7" but I had it at 13.  It still crinkled marvelously and didn't take quite as long as the smaller size would have.

I also used left over jelly roll strips for the binding! 

It was not done in one day, but I did get it done in about a week and a half once I had the chance to start. 

A very lovely fall finish, if I do say so myself!
And a fun Jelly Roll project to boot. 


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