Hurricane Chain - New Pattern!

I released another pattern! 

It's called Hurricane Chain (or Hurri-chain, according to my husband....)
I'm so excited about this one - it's a great way to use up scraps & it's easy to translate into yardage for a cleaner look for anyone without enough scraps (ha!) or who isn't completely confident with their scrap matching abilities. 

Although, I'll say for this one, you really don't need to match much of anything.  I promise!!
Plus, I include a colouring page in each pattern, so grab some colour pencils, then see how close you can translate your doodle to your fabric bin!

I got too excited with mine & just dove right in.  My plan starting was "tackle the pink bucket" cuz it is absolutely overflowing. 
So I took the part of each block that used the most fabric & cut all the pinks from those (chain pieces & Outer diamonds), then just picked through my other buckets & cut anything that was big enough for the blocks. 

I decided shortly after I started cutting the pinks that they were mostly soft & I could balance that by using bright centers & dark corners.

I did try to keep my colour sets cut in two or fours, so I could have some things slightly matching. (Two aqua here, four orange there....)  

While I do enjoy scrappy, I also enjoy control. Controlled scrappy?? Is that a style you can have??

Anyway, that is legit the total amount of planning that went into my first version. 


As you can see, a little bit of everything. Which is good in scrap quilts!
Once I had blocks made, I tried to layout the darker ones in a coordinated way that would balance the quilt top.....

I think I did pretty well.  When I glance at it my eyes don't linger in one place for too long, so that's good enough for me. 
The dark corners really helped balance out the overall brightness.  Or maybe I'm just making things up :P

I sent it off to Quilting by David for quilting (Swirly Gig for those who like lots of details) since it was a little too large for me to tackle by myself.

All in all, it is almost completely scraps!  I had to cut one fat quarter up to have enough of the bigger squares, since I usually save smaller cuts.  And I chose to go with a solid for the background, instead of full on scrappy.
I also ordered the backing specifically for this once I completed it.  So..... mostly scraps!  And I'm totally delighted with how it turned out.

I'll be posting my testers' version in the next few days - there are 15 different quilts to see!! 
In the meantime you can pick up your copy of the pattern here .

If you make your own, I'd love to see it! 
There's a hashtag on Instagram that already has quite a few lovely photos.  Use #HurricaneChainQuilt to share yours with everyone else!!

x Stephanie

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