Introducing Starry Mountain!

🎶 I like big blocks & I cannot lie! 🎶

The Starry Mountain pattern is now available!

This pattern is made with fat quarters & fat eighths, but I always include instructions for a single block so it is easily translated into scraps as well! 
There are full colour diagrams, tips, written explanations of each step and a colouring page in this confident beginner quilt!

I've also included a few mock ups showing off how different the pattern can look by just changing a few things.

So far I've made three throws - two purple and one blue/orange.

My first one uses fat quarters (stars & accent blocks), fat eights (accents in the stars) and yardage (background & border) 

The second throw I used coordinated scraps for.  It was a bit harder to find some big chunks to make the background of each star, but I managed. 
I needed to make sure that each section of the stars were a different value - that way when you step back they look like they're supposed to instead of blending together.

My third is all scraps.  I simplified it (colour wise) to three colours - blue for background, orange for stars & yellow for accent.

The accent blocks are alternating orange & yellow, while the center of each star is a fussy cut low volume square.
This let me have a bit more freedom with my scraps & use up quite a chunk of my blue bucket!
I also left off the outer border in this one, only keeping the small inner one.

I planned to make a rainbow bed size quilt, but my long arm is too small to quilt it & I have so loved doing every step of each of my quilts (design, piece & quilt)

Two of these quilts will be listed for sale by the end of the week, but if you've got your eyes on the purple scrap one you're out of luck 😉 it is spoken for!

If you make one please share it with me via email or social media!
I am following the #starryMoutainQuilt hashtag, so even if you don't tag me on Instagram I'll see it!


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  • TWO PURPLE quilts omg its my favorite color

    Hailey Morran

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