It's Week Seven!

Woohoo!! We're almost done!
This week is Week 7 and we're .......... wait for it ............
making more blocks!!

So, let's add it up quick!

If you're making the Toddler size, you should have 8 made & make two more this week!
If you're making the Throw size, you should have 13 made & make three for this week!
If you're making the Big size, you should have 20 made & make five more this week!

Next week is the last week for making blocks - then comes sashing & assembly!
Let's check out some lovely hearts from the hashtag this week, shall we?

The two above are from Barb - all reds & pinks & oh so lovely!

Mine this week are very warm & cute!

Angie's mixing it up with an inverted heart this week!!

Kayla has some fun ones, too!  (And she's giving a quilting discount on your finished Xenia tops!!)

Patricia is killing it with her dark background!!

More rainbow hearts from Melissa. Those hearts on hearts are too cute!

Roxanne is also doing a dark background!! 

Thanks for sewing along again this week!  See you back here soon :)
x Stephanie

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