June & July recap.

While I typically post my stats from each month and show off pictures of what I've accomplished, however small, this summer has been a rough one and I have no photos to share. 

June & July were both months I did little to nothing in the quilting universe. 

My mother passed away extremely unexpectedly early June and I spent the rest of the month resting, reading, and crying. 
When I finally felt okay enough to start anything again, my grandmother passed.  Not technically unexpectedly, but certainly sooner than expected.  

I started one quilt in last two months, and got as far as sewing some half square triangles together.  They've not yet been fully pressed, let alone trimmed or set into blocks. 

I did quilt six quilts for other people, because they had deadlines and I agreed to help before my life started it's slide into sadness. 

I am unsure of what August holds - but I certainly hope it is more calm and less sad.  I will let whatever comes my way be.  

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  • Stephanie I feel for you and know your sadness and heart ache, I also had a very sad summer. My mom passed on July 17th (expected but sooner than my siblings and I expected), my father-in-law who was 97 passed on August 7 (totally good health but very unexpected) and my brother on September 11 that was 2 years younger than me.
    I am just now getting my groove back. My thoughts and prayers are with you and hoping you are doing better.

    Arbie Womack


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