Scrap Stars 2 Swap!

Happy New Year friends!

The first swap of the year is open and it was a much requested one.

We're making Scrap Stars again, but not blue this time!  You can sign up here and scroll down for more info.

This time the blocks will consist of eight different low volume prints for the background and one bright print for the star.

You can make all your blocks different or use the same fabrics for all of them - since it's a swap they will be going to different people (unless you make more than 50, then some people will get duplicates, since this swap has a cap of 50 people!) 

I am working in batches of 10 for my background squares, since I'm cutting those from yardage, and all my stars are being cut from scraps, so those will mostly be different!

My goal is to make 42 total, which is a great size for a throw.

The instructions for making a single block are free once you sign up, but if you'd like to buy a pattern that has instructions for cutting for three different sizes, you can purchase one here

For this swap, inside voice low volumes are needed, which means if you squint it should look white or ivory.

There are no pastels, brown, grey, black for the stars; the brighter the better!

All of your fabric should not include anything political, holiday, or licensed characters (think Disney) 

Any blocks that do not meet these criteria will be returned!  Let's keep this a fun, bright, happy swap for everyone involved. 

If you're on Instagram, please post under the #ScrapStars2Swap hashtag so we can see the possibilities coming our way!!

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