Surprise! A pattern bundle!!

I'm so excited about this project!! 

This entire pattern bundle came about because I make a quilt for my son's birthday every year. This year he got into some new interests and since he brings the SKZoo stuffy with him everywhere I thought he'd like a quilt to match (he decided he wanted raccoons instead but I kept working on the patterns because I already had them drawn up and they were stuck in my mind.)

All nine (ten?) blocks were started early October 2023 and finally finished and released on March 25th 2024.

The patterns are available individually and as a bundle at a discount - I am utterly delighted at their existence and I hope they bring joy to you as well. 

The bundle includes all of the patterns - WolfChan, Leebit, Dwaekki, Jiniret, Nachimbong (simple and two tone), HAN Quokka, BbokAri, PuppyM, and FoxINy.

I chose the background colour for each block based on how I see the boys the SKZoos are based on and am tickled at how well it turned out. 

WolfChan has the cutest dimples and I squealed over them every time I made this block. 

Leebit is my favorite devil bunny and his angry eyebrows were my cute aggression while creating these blocks.

Dwaekki is smug and sassy and I love him. (Dwaekki is a combination of pig and bunny) I think his little smirk might be my favorite part of the block.

Jiniret is the resident drama king and the sassiest by far. His eyes are my favorite part. 

HAN Quokka is my round sweet baby and I cannot decide what I like best on this block. Ears? Eyebrows? Tooth?

BbokAri is pure sunshine. He has freckles and eyelashes and is just the sweetest!

I wanted to give PuppyM a blep tongue so badly!! Look at his little face!!

FoxINy is who comes with us on every adventure (he's been snuck into school many a time) and I love his giant ears. 

Last but not least is the Nachimbong - Stray Kids light stick design. The broken compass is the center of the quilt, the back of my quilt coat, and I typed it up to two different ways. 

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