the Xenia QAL, week 8!

We're almost done!!  It is the last week to make blocks!
If you've fallen behind - 
Total up your blocks - you'll need a total of (12) for the toddler, (20) for the throw & (30) for the Big.
Next week we're putting sashing on - and if you're making the Big size, there was an error found in the number of sashing strips needed.  It says (42) but you really only need (36).  The pattern will be updated in the shop & the change will be notated on the Pattern Corrections page. 
In the meantime, please put a note in your copy of the pattern!
Without further ado, here's some photos from the hashtag this week. 

Mine are all done!!

I love this big floral & the fun low volume background Petra is using 

Here's Angie & her rainbow AG blocks!

Julie is making a giant Christmas one & I can't wait to see them all together!

Audrey is doing a scrappy sashing and adding cornerstones! 

I'm so excited to see these come together next week!!
Thanks for sewing along 

x Stephanie

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