Week Eight - Scrap Sampler!

This is our final week of making blocks! 
I hope you have enjoyed sewing up some scraps as much as I have.

This week is all about the tiny left over bits. Grab your buckets & let's make some checkerboards!

The background version of this one is really easy - just alternate background (low volume) and colour (teal/pink)
If you're making a one colour version then you'll need to rely more on value & tone to make sure the squares do not blend together when you step back

The easiest way to do this is to use a black & white filter.  All of these are blue and by checking with a filter you can tell that they will stand out once sewn together.
I had to rearrange a few before I was happy with them - I really wanted them to pop - another way to view them is to step back & squint.  Can you tell that they're all squares?  Or do some blend into rectangles?

Block Numbers:
baby - three
throw - three
bed - nine

Next week is assembly!! Don't forget to post over on #ScrapSamplerQuilt Instagram

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