Block Swap!

Good Morning Everyone!
I am happy to announce that I will be hosting my very first Block Swap this year!!!

I have co-hosted one last year (#SunshineSwap2020) but Kerry did all the organizing, swapping & mailing. I just wrote the pattern & sent out some cute sunshiney prizes each week. 

This year I had a few different polls up on Instagram & it was decided that we'll be swapping my Corner Stars blocks - the basic version, not any alternates. 

Let's talk basics quick - 

What is a Block Swap?

A fun exchange between friends!
Once a pattern is decided on, you make as many blocks as you'd like - according to the pattern & whatever guidelines have been set.  Then you mail them to the swap host, who shuffles them around between participants & mails you back some lovely different blocks!

How do I participate?

I will be opening up the swap to the first 40 people who sign up.  This being my first solo swap & since I have many other obligations, I will be limiting the participants. 
There will be a link in my newsletter for sign ups (sign up for my newsletter here!) - and if you get an error page when trying to sign up, that means it's full. Sorry!
Newsletters go out roughly every other Monday at 10 am CST :)

What are the rules?

For this swap we're keeping it simple.

  • If you don't have it already, you'll need the pattern.  Once you sign up you'll be emailed a coupon code for swap members. 
  • Make as many blocks using as you'd like to get back & ship them before the "Finish" date.
  • You will need to send $11 (via PayPal, cash or check) to cover postage back to you.  If you're not in the US send me a message first & we'll figure out the shipping cost! 

I had everyone vote, so each block will be made to the following specifications:

  • Low volume background (the pattern is focused on scrap use with Fussy Cut centers).
  • cream or white - no grey or pastels!
  • some colour is okay, but keep it to a whisper or inside voice only (whisper preferred)
  • Each star section will be one colour - but please no brown, white or grey stars.  The winning vote was for rainbow stars!! 

This block has two background pieces that I would NOT include for this swap - the rose in the top left corner is too loud. The cupcake print touching the purple in the bottom right corner is also far too colourful.
They're both technically "inside voice", but since we're trying to keep things somewhat the same across the board, let's lean towards whisper prints :)

I like loud, so mine is quite vibrant.  This was my Bee quilt & each member sent me two blocks!

What is the timeline for this swap?

Sign ups are open today, Feb 8th, and we'll have an 8 week time period to make as many (or as few) blocks as you'd like.
You'll need to ship your blocks to me on or before April 5th.

I'll be sending all this out with the welcome email once the swap limit has been reached, so don't worry about trying to remember it now!

If you missed the sign up but want to follow along & get inspired, check out the hashtag we'll be using on Instagram - #CornerStarsSwap

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