Fussy Pumpkin Quilt

I have two pumpkin patterns out, but this one is my favorite (shh, don't tell the other one!) 

I've made four so far - and have plans to make at least two more this year!
I will also be hosting a Fussy Pumpkin Quilt Along this fall, so watch my Newsletter this summer for more details :)

This pattern came about shortly after my first pumpkin pattern did.... I liked the different sized pumpkins in Pumpkin Patchwork, but wanted to improve my pattern writing, designing & all around stretch my creativity a bit more.

So this pumpkin quilt has three sizes (toddler, throw & full) and only two different pumpkin blocks - the "fussy" and the "full".

I love fussy cutting. I think it is so cute & I love seeing intentional placement in my quilts. It makes them so much more interesting!
(Not that there's anything wrong with traditional piecing or random placement. I've done my fair share of those!!)

The "full" block can certainly be used for cutting larger prints, as you can see.  Or you can just show off a fun orange print there! (I'm planning a white version & teal version this fall, so it doesn't even have to be an orange print!)

The Full size quilt fits on my Queen sized bed just fine, and it made up of 100% scraps.
I picked low volume cuts for the background, a mixture of green, brown & Dark red for the stems, and pinks, corals, and oranges galore for the pumpkins.  
About half of these pumpkins are fussy cut - the rest are simply fun scraps that fit where I needed them to.
It's still so interesting to look at!!

Now for some simple eye candy - thanks for dropping by! 
x Stephanie

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