Hurricane Chain - tester versions

Today is ALL about my wonderful testers!!
I had a great group - Laura, Angie, Sarah, Annika, Hillary, Debbie, Lyra, Chantal, Ashley, Hannah, Natalie & Cassie.
You'll find their Instagram handles on each of their images & I'll put a link under each one if you'd like to check out more of their work.

They are all fantastic quilters & I am so happy they agreed to check my math & general directions (guys, math is hard! For me anyway. It's not my favorite thing.) 

There are 15 quilts to share with you today, so prepare for some serious eye candy!!
And then head over to Instagram to tell them how amazing they are!! 

First up we have Baby Quilts!

This one is actually mine, with my baby holding it (he's 4 1/2, so he's not a baby)

Debbie made two - a baby & a full, so you'll see her twice.  
But you should go check out the AMAZING quilting she did on this one! It's feathers & pebbles & swirls and OH so lovely!

Laura switched it up a little & the result is just SO cute!  (Although, it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out what was different.....)

Hillary made this super cute 4th of July version! That gingham chain is just darling.

Annika made this version from yardage - pale & sweet & soft!

Here's another yardage version from Ashley this time!  I love those stripes!

Angie's version is called "Rainbow Sprinkle" & she used a scrappy background to boot!

Sarah used a fun llama fabric!!!

Next up is Throw Size!

These are half yardage & half scraps.  I love how easy it is to change the entire look of this quilt with just one small alteration!

Lyra made a Halloween version out of fat quarters - and a dark background (which I adore!)

Natalie has Red, White & Blue version, just in time for the 4th of July as well!

Hannah made one with a dark background - grey & my favorite shade of red!

Cassie finished this one SUPER fast!  It is baseball themed & she's got more close ups on her page. 

Chantal sent me a bunch of photos of her top, but this one is my favorite.  She used some of her Grandmother's fabrics & kept it all nautical.  Plus she fussy cut the chain centers!

The last two are Full Size Quilts!

Here's Debbie's second one.  She actually added another row & border to make it even bigger!

And this one is mine, so I guess it's not technically a tester quilt. But it's scraps!

If you wanted to see more behind the scenes photos, check out this post.
If all of this inspired you & you're ready to make your own, you'll need to head here to purchase the pattern!

Thanks for following along with all my lovely testers photos & have a lovely (safe) Fourth if you're celebrating with the USA!!

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