July Donation Pattern

I just realized that I shared this on Instagram but never here!
I have decided to match all proceeds from a specific pattern & donate it to a different organization each month.
Most of these will be in support of BIPOC or Anti-Racist organizations, but I do plan to include some of my local organizations that focus on women, early education & families, since these things are extremely important to me.

This month the pattern is Sun Star!
Kerry & I hosted a Sun Star block swap back in January & I've loved seeing all the different variations of the pattern popping up in the last few months. 
There's quilts with the Little Miss Sunshine layout, fat sashing, no sashing, scrappy sashing, black sashing, extra borders & more!!!

Mine is big enough to go on my queen sized bed & I adore all the different prints & fun fabrics in it!

This month I've chosen Be the Bridge to donate to.  It is an organization focused on teaching, which is absolutely fantastic in my eyes.  (I grew up in a midwestern, very white town - almost everyone here is of German descent - and was taught that color doesn't matter, it's what's on the inside that counts.  While I still believe insides matter, I have been learning that being colorblind is not helpful in our current society.)
"Bridge-builders start with a foundation that includes understanding themselves, the issues, and others who are different from them."

Be the Bridge has a bunch of different resources!  There's a facebook group, youth groups, book lists, PDF downloads, Webinars & so much more. 

I've been working my way through a few of their PDFs & taking time to reflect on what I've learned.


If you're interested in picking up a copy of my Sun Star pattern, you can find it here!

I like to include mock ups in different colours in each of my patterns - here's some that I would love to see (or maybe I should just make it myself?!)

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