10 Scrappy Quilt Patterns!

If you guys have followed me on Instagram for more than a week, you'll know how much I adore scrappy quilts ;)

Besides the fact that I have overflowing scrap buckets, I really like mix & matching prints, hues & tones.
I think scrappy quilts are far too much & have made a TON of them in the last 5 years. 

Now - lots of people think of scraps differently. 
So let's start off with me saying that I typically think of scraps as any cut smaller than a fat eighth.  
I keep large chunks of extra yardage separate - usually these are left overs from quilt backings - and I keep my solids separate from everything else as well! 
So this means that when people write scrap patterns that call for Fat Quarters, 14" squares or even 10" squares...... those don't work for me. 

This list is going to be patterns that are SPECIFICALLY designed for smaller scraps (or can be easily resized to fit smaller scrap sizes!) and it is in no particular order.

Now - the link on the title will take you to the pattern page.
The link on the maker name will take you to their main website.
All of the photos below are quilts that I've made from these patterns. 
Some are free, some need to be purchased, but all of them are scrappy!!

2x4 by Film in the Fridge
This one calls for fat quarters, but I resized it down a bit so that I could use strips of scraps I had.
I also managed to use half florals & half solids for mine!  And it's BIG.

Wonky Log Cabin by Simple Girl, Simple Life
I have made three of these & started on a fourth. 
The finished ones - one light blue, one teal, one orange - all have a "Party In the Quilt Back" as well, which is my favorite way to use up left over yardage, other backing cuts & miscellaneous fat quarters!!

Scrappy Lines by Side Lake Stitch
Bess asked me to test this for her & I was delighted with how quickly everything came together.  She's got a few different sizes in the pattern & two ways you can make it (actual scraps or strip piecing!) 
I made a wall hanging & this lovely rainbow throw.

That's No Moon by Megan Collins
I certainly seem to love rainbow scrap quilts, don't I?
This was another one I tested - and my second ever attempt at curves!! Megan writes wonderful patterns.  I adore everything she's created!
I opted to sort mine into low volumes by colour & add a strip or two of actual colour in each "moon". 

Corner Stars by Hillside Stitches (oh look, that's ME!) 
This one has two ways to make it - I've made both & the Alternate layout is shown below.  This one has three different block types, instead of just using one to repeat across the entire quilt.
and surprise! it's rainbow & low volume. I'm sensing a trend here.....

Flight of the Bumblebees by Laurel of PS Threads
okay, so this one actually calls for yardage, but both versions of it that I've made have been 100% scraps. And with the way you cut everything, scraps made more sense to me.  Plus I needed to empty out my blue bucket ;)

Quilty Stars by Emily Dennis
this was a Quilt Along were I made two versions of the top during it's running time. This rainbow version is solid stars with fussy cut low volumes. 
The other version was Essex linen background & scrappy low volume stars. 

the Comfort Quilt by Amy Ellis
So many of these were made during Quilt Alongs!  It's such a fun way to connect with other quilters & see different versions of the same pattern.
I needed to purge my pink bucket for this one. 
And is anyone surprised that I chose low volumes for the background?? :)

Mod Mountains by Suzy Quilts
I love Suzy's patterns.  I've made the quite a few, and all the ones I've made are fantastic for scraps! 
I actually made three tops during the quilt along she held in 2019 - two throws & a baby. 

Scrap Mountain by the Makings of Joy
This one is written for using up tiny scraps. 
But I have discovered I do not like tiny piecing, so I bought the pattern & upsized it a bit to better fit my scrap situation.  
On point quilts are a fun twist & I enjoy the overall look of them.

I hope you found some good ways to use up scraps here - but I have to know....
What's your go-to scrap pattern??

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