Week Three - Scrap Sampler

Welcome to week three!  We've had another dozen or so people join in the last week!  If you need to snag a copy of the pattern you can do so here

We're still working from biggest scrap sections to the smallest, so this week we're working on Pinwheels.

These are nice big ones and easy to make.  Pay attention to your orientation when assembling (if it matters to you - you're always welcome to rearrange the blocks in your quilt, of course!)

My rainbow version is coming along nicely & I'm really delighted with all the different fabrics I'm managing to sneak in.

Instead of making my HST two at time, I kept using the method I did last week with the hourglass blocks - cutting each square diagonally & pairing up each half with something different.

My blue version (the cover photo) was made the traditional method & is also cute.
I just don't know if you could go wrong with this block! 

just remember to keep your value (light/dark) different enough that the "pinwheel" part sticks out when you step back!  Otherwise you just have some cute HST.  Nothing wrong with that either!

Winner of last weeks giveaway is Audrey

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